SCI IMPACT! – The Game Supply Chain Leaders Should Play

Let’s face it. Supply chain management can be hard to understand. Now in its second year, the goal of this game is to provide experiential learning to help teams understand the impact of:

  • The Bullwhip Effect on supply chain performance.
  • Demand latency and the long tail of the supply chain.
  • Channel and supply visibility
  • Risk management and the impact of variability
  • The role of managerial overrides and the impact on planning
  • The management of the supply chain as a complex system
  • Supply chain as a complex system of measurements to manage
  • Translation of operational actions into balance sheet metrics
  • The impact of outside-in processes
  • The need to use channel data
  • The role of S&OP

You will have the opportunity to play the game at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit or during the Supply Chain Insights summer training.

Definition: An outside-in process is one that uses channel and supplier data as a basis for decisions support modeling of operations. An inside-out process is a more conventional view where the modeling is based on a response based on order and shipment data with no consideration of channel or supplier data.